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Color Restoration For Faded Pavers

The Top Choice For Travertine & Paver Sealing In The Tampa Bay Area

What Causes Pavers To Fade?

If your Pavers aren’t Popping the way they used to with bright beautiful colors… Let Paver Seal Tampa Rejuvenate and Restore your Faded Stones with our Professional Color Enhancement

Overtime, pavers can begin to fade as UV rays from the sun zap the color right out of the surface of your driveways and patios. This can occur especially when pavers have remained unsealed for many years.

Do you need Color Enhancement?  Hint: If you wet your pavers and the color you like comes back, you probably only need to seal or re-seal your pavers. If they don’t, adding color tones to restore your faded pavers is the way to go!

Quality Paver Sealing

U.V rays are not the only weathering force that will eventually require color enhancement if brick pavers remain unsealed.

In combination with rain and other sources of constant moisture, the surface of your stones can begin to wear down, causing not only unattractive color differences in tone, but will cause aggregate in the stone to become more visible. This is seen as little white, gray or tan colored pebbles on the surface of your pavers.  Faded pavers in general, appear dull and lifeless with most of the vibrant colors gone even when saturated with water.

Color Restoration For Faded Pavers

When pavers look worn out and dull it takes away from the grandness of entrances and patio areas.

Pavers make a huge impression as they form the entrance to our homes and the foundation of our outdoor spaces. Don’t let good pavers be dull and unimpressive!

Give us a call today and juice up the color of those old pavers now! Color restoration is absolutely one of our favorite types of projects because the difference is so astonishing!

Benefits of Professional Paver Sealing

All of our Color tints are designed by Innovative Concrete Technologies for use with Ure-Seal and are added to every coat of sealer, bringing out the deep tones hidden in your faded pavers! These pigments are semi translucent dyes designed that soak deep into the pores and give permanent rich color to your pavers.

Our process preserves the multi-color tones unique to your pavers while enhancing the look 100% with bold, like new colors.  Color sealing soaks into your pavers penetrating deep into the pores for a long lasting color seal.

Restore Your Faded Pavers With Experts You Can Trust

Your pavers have many color pigments naturally and sometimes unnaturally if they have been stained.

In order to achieve the best results, in some cases your pavers may require two or more tones applied consecutively or on separate areas to achieve the best color outcome and results.

Color Enhancement Is Semi-Translucent and comes in 12 different tones for exterior concrete paver systems.  Every color tone we add deepens the pigments naturally found in the paver stones. It can also help to mask blemishes on the paver surface. This service will alter the color while allowing for the multicolored tones to still shine through.

Professional Color Restoration Is An Art

We utilize the best techniques, technology and processes to achieve outstanding results. That said…   All results vary with color restoration.     No Two Projects are alike.

The artistry of color enhancement sealing is nuanced from the type of paver to their undertone colors. Paver sealing artist need to know what color tint or tints will bring back the original colors or even enhance the stones with color that never existed there before.

Paver Seal Tampa can take faded, neglected and unsightly pavers, and make them pop!  After years of looking at worn out pavers the difference is sometimes shocking!

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