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Guide Updated February 2023

Paver Seal Tampa Pricing Guide

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Welcome to the Paver Seal Tampa Pricing Guide!

Over the years, here at Paver Seal Tampa, we have answered many questions regarding the paver sealing process.

Without a doubt the number one question people have, is how much does paver sealing cost?

We totally understand and can appreciate why this is a top of mind question for every client.

Pavers are a valuable investment that must be maintained and protected to stay looking great long term.

So What Does It Cost To Seal Pavers?

While it is impossible to tell you exactly what your project will cost just based on this pricing guide, our goal here is that by reviewing this information, you will know all the factors that could affect how much your project will cost.

Warning! This guide provides a great rule of thumb for prices on sealing services using Ure-Seal or similar sealers. We will also discuss several other hardscape sealing services & their costs.

This guide is easy to understand and access the information you’re looking for quickly. We have decided to break this guide into sections so that you can learn about the specific topic that meets your needs.

While using this guide, feel free to read everything here. This will give you a complete understanding of all paver sealing cost factors.

If you have questions, feel free to contact our office at anytime. We welcome the opportunity to educate you of your options and earn your business!

How Much Does It Cost To Seal My Pavers?

Whether you have newly installed pavers or previously sealed pavers, the time has come for a little maintenance.

Now you are researching paver sealing services and you’re wondering how much does paver sealing cost.

The truth is, it depends a great deal on a variety of factors. To better understand how much you can expect to pay for professional paver sealing, keep reading!

What Does The Paver Sealing Industry Charge For Sealing Hardscapes?

When considering what paver sealing companies charge across the nation, prices vary greatly.

Here in Florida the same is true depending on the area you live.

Depending on where you live in Florida prices can be starting as high as $2 per square foot for standard sealing services.

Whereas in much of the Tampa Bay area and surrounding areas, paver sealing services may start from $1 to $1.50 and go up from there. Obviously these costs may depend on many factors.

So before you whip out your measuring devices and calculators, let’s dive into the variables that affect paver sealing price and cost.

What Does Paver Seal Tampa Charge for Paver Sealing?

We offer several flavors of paver sealing services. Here we will discuss specifically paver sealing a driveway. Our company also offers 3 different packages; based on your specific needs so you can choose the option that makes the most sense for you.

Based on your needs and preferences, you can think of it as a good, better, best option allowing you to make the right choice for you.

Let’s give a brief description of our packages and discuss what the price options look like on an average 1,200 square foot driveway.

Our Sealing Packages

All three packages receive the full menu of treatments for Oils, Rust, Efflorescence, as well as Mold & Organic Matter.

Should you decide to receive a quote, we custom tailor your package specifically for your needs. Our proposals are easy to understand and let you make the best choice for your needs.

A solid clean and 2 heavy coat sealant option with no sand installed.

*Perfect for maintenance 1 year out! Just what your pavers need for a simple clean and seal.

A fantastic clean, sand and seal option.  Pavers are deep cleaned, sanded and sealed with 2 coats of sealer.

Optionally you can skip the sand installation and receive 3 heavy coats of sealer with the deep cleaning process.

Great for previously sealed pavers that have become dirty and need a rejuvenation.

Our most popular option comes with the deep cleaning process, fresh sand installed and 3 heavy coats of sealer.

This is a great option for pavers that have been more than a couple years without maintenance and newly installed pavers.

How Much Does It Cost To Seal My Paver Driveway?

Your cost on an average 1,200 square foot driveway in the Tampa Bay Area, depends on which package and add-ons you choose. These prices can vary greatly from company to company and the same is true for the results.

On average, prices for a professional sealing company to seal your driveway could start around $1,100 – $1,500.

Keep in mind that square footage is not the only factor used to determine the cost of your project.

How many coats, what type of sheen, paver condition and other variables affect the price of quality paver sealing services.

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Paver Restoration Costs: Color Seal, Stripping & More

What happens when the standard sealing services can’t achieve the results you want?

Many times we are faced with pavers and travertine that won’t benefit as much from a clean and seal service alone.

This can be disappointing for customers who actually pay to have a company seal over a mess only to discover the results aren’t much better than before.

Sometimes we find pavers in conditions that require more work, more time and more love to bring out their true potential!

Paver Condition Can Affect Price

Often we see many paver driveways, pool decks, and patios that have gotten away from the owners over time.

If the condition of your pavers is bad, the cost may be more than the typical job.

Here are some of our top examples of how Paver Condition Can Affect The Price Of Paver Sealing.

Heavily Soiled Pavers: Weeds Mold and Organic Matter

Weeds and mold can totally take over a paver system in just a few short years and turn backyard patios or driveways into an uninviting jungle.

When this happens, a deeper cleaning of the pavers is required. The cleaning, sanding and sealing process is designed to remove the weeds growing in the paver joints and reinstall fresh sand.

We see a lot of pavers that have been completely overgrown. These jobs are always a satisfying makeover in the end for both the Homeowner and the Sealing Tech.


These heavily soiled areas will be a factor in the cost of your hardscape sealing project.

Learn more about weeds and pavers in this in depth article Does Paver Sealing Prevent Weeds.

Faded Pavers and Color Restoration: We Can Restore Value

Here in Florida, another very common condition we find pavers in, is faded and dull in appearance.

The sun, rain and elements, over time can not only “bleach” the colors from your brick pavers, but they can also start to deteriorate the stone itself.

Often Pavers have been stained or even damaged and need color restoration to “mask” the issues.

When this happens it’s time to rescue the pavers and bring them back to life with color restoration.

The Cost of Color Restoration: An Art

This task blends the power of paver sealing with the art of a painter and can make all the difference in the appearance of your hardscapes.

Not everyone that seals can use the colors well. Unfortunately color sealing is less forgiving and harder to pull off (With Great Results) than a straightford sealing project.

Because it requires more care and expertise, this service does cost more on average than some of the standard sealing packages we offer.

In the end, we get outstanding results on pavers that have faded or been severely stained. Over the years we have restored many projects with a variety of different colors.

When it comes to extra costs for Color Restoration think approximately an additional $.25 per square foot for your project for up to two different colors.  Additional colors (3 or more) will cost an extra $.25 per square foot, per color.

Color Restoration Packages

We also offer 3 simple Color Restoration Packages depending on your needs and preferences.

This offers a range of great color sealing options and prices for your project allowing you to make the choice that best suits your needs.

Color restoration is a great way to breathe new life into old pavers. If you think you might be a candidate for Color Restoration…  Check out this article coming soon. Do I Need Paver Color Restoration?

Coating Issues Can Cause Sealing Prices To Be Higher

The most expensive project we face when it comes to sealing brick pavers, travertine and other hardscapes such as marble, is failed coatings.

Signs your coating is failing include, white or hazy blemishes and flaking patchy sealer.

To check potential blemishes and sealer issues, try this simple test.

Saturate the areas that appear hazy and white with water and see if the blemishes blend and fade on the wet stones.

If they disappear you may not need stripping, rather it could be time to renew your protection with a fresh clean and seal.

Paver Stripping & Restoration Prices

When it comes to the Cost of Stripping Pavers across Central Florida you should expect to pay a professional company starting at $3 to $5 per square foot depending on the scope of your project.

Variables include the size of your project, its location on site, other difficulty factors, as well as municipal regulations in your city, all contribute to the cost of removing failed coatings on pavers.

Time, Materials And Difficulty Factors with Stripping Pavers

Stripping is the absolute most difficult job we face.  THIS IS EXPERTS ONLY!

  • Specialized equipment is needed.
  • Attention to detail is paramount.
  • Biodegradable environmentally safe stripping products are expensive.
  • The potential to damage property is also higher than any other cleaning service period.
  • Stripping pavers is physically intense to perform.
  • Extremely hazardous for technicians.
  • Intensely time consuming.
  • Proper licenses and insurances are mandatory.
  • Systems and processes

Some projects have had years and years of sealer build up. In certain cases I have seen it can take anywhere from 2 to 3 and ½  man hours, more or less, per 100 square feet to completely strip, and properly reseal the pavers.

That’s potentially 20 to 35 man hours on a thousand square feet of pavers, give or take.

Stripping Pavers: The Cost of Fixing Failed Sealer

Not to worry with the right equipment, processes, and expertise we can make the process a lot easier for you and reduce the time it takes to get the job done right.

This is truly a professional only type of task. Make sure you’re hiring the right contractor for the job.

Licenses and insurances such as workers comp and general liability are bare minimum requirements for this work. Ask a lot of questions regarding stripping when selecting your contractor.

Simply having experience using sealer, cleaning or even installing pavers is not the same as having a proven track record of professionally removing coatings that have failed.

Again expect to pay much more for this service as opposed to simply cleaning and sealing for example.  This is an expensive process which is why selecting the right company to begin with can save thousands of dollars later on.

Travertine Stripping Costs

Travertine has been sealed with the same “surface sealing” products designed for pavers for many years. These products do look fantastic on travertine.

Over time, because travertine is so dense, surface sealers can build up a thick film that is subject to flaking, scuffing and scratching with traffic and use.

Think of how hardwood floors require sanding and resealing after so many years of traffic.

Eventually several years later, just like hardwood flooring, the surface can no longer be simply resealed. Sometimes the old coating must be removed and a new fresh coating should be applied.

This is just one reason why travertine sealed with Ure-Seal is not covered under warranty by ANY sealing companies or the manufacturer. It is designed for concrete brick pavers, not dense natural stones like travertine and marble.

Very few contractors explicitly tell you this, even though it is in their fine print at the top of the warranty offer.

With that said Ure-Seal and similar products have been used on travertine for many years now successfully with long lasting protection and distinct advantages that other products do not offer.

Many people continue to clean and seal over existing coatings to boost the shine and protection or apply more grip to the surfaces.

You may not ever have to go through stripping your travertine. However, if you decide it might be time to “clean the slate” and start fresh with a new sealer, we can help you get the results you’re looking for.

Ways Coatings Can Fail

Learn more about failed sealer in this short post

Check out this article to check out just a few examples of how your sealer can fail.

Travertine Sealing Prices

The Cost Of Travertine Sealing:

You may be wondering what it costs to seal your Travertine or Marble areas.

When it comes to sealing travertine & natural stones, you have plenty of options.

There are so many products available and processes that I can only speak for the product lines we use and apply on a daily basis.

That being said, at Paver Seal Tampa, when sealing travertine, we currently only use the urethane / water based sealer, Ure-Seal and the siloxane based, penetrating sealer Stone Show.

Both of these product lines are developed by Innovative Concrete Technology based in Lakeland Florida. Each sealer offers unique advantages as well as a track record of outstanding performance and durability.

We will briefly describe each product and process we use when it comes to sealing travertine in an effort to educate you on what the cost of sealing your travertine may be.

Sealing Travertine with Ure-Seal: Prices

Sealing Travertine is a great way to enhance your pool deck patio, entrance areas and outdoor spaces. Your travertine will look fantastic with Ure-Seal as it provides a superior shine and stabilizes joint sand. This process requires grip to be added to the sealer to reduce slipperiness.

Ure-Seal is less expensive to apply and looks great. Depending on your preferences, it may be the best option for you. Sealing Travertine with Ure-Seal is a great option for both newly installed stones and already sealed surfaces.

It is important to note that once you have had travertine sealed with a film forming sealer, that is the only type of sealer you can use going forward.

If you already have had them sealed with a surface sealer such as Ure-Seal or Seal-N-Lock, not to worry. We can continue reestablishing the protection and look of your travertine with our product.

We achieve remarkable results everyday with Ure-Seal.

Typical costs for travertine sealing in the State of Florida Start ranging from $1.20 – $2 per square foot or more depending on various factors.

The Cost To Seal New Travertine or Marble with Stone Show

For unsealed or newly installed travertine, we do offer a more premium sealing option that offers some advantages to the travertine and natural stone owner.

You may prefer this option, as Stone Show is a penetrating sealer technology that is recommended by the manufacturer and does offer a 1 year warranty.

If you have installed very smooth marble hardscapes or other extremely smooth natural stone, Stone Show is the only sealing option we offer.

Stone Show Invisible or Stone Show Enhancer

The Stone Show line carries a few different options to choose from when considering a moisture repelling, penetrating sealer for your natural stones.

The two options we offer are Stone Show Invisible and Stone Show Enhancer.  Both are great choices and both provide a finished look that is easy to see and understand.

To briefly describe them you could say one offers an Invisible seal, that does not change the color of your stones even when wet! Whereas the other option is designed to Enhance the depth of color similar to the depth of color realized when the stones are wet.

The name Invisible & Enhancer was the best choice for these sealers. It is what it does!

Why Does Stone Show Cost More?

Stone Show is a premium sealer for the natural stone owner. The results are amazing. That being said, Stone Show sealer application may cost more than Ure-Seal.

Stone Show does not alter the surface of your natural stones including marble and travertine. That means no artificial grip or texture is required to reduce slipperiness.

The power washing process comes complete with a series of specific treatments to bring out the best in these areas. This includes etching the stones to improve sealer penetration and bond as well as degreasing and mold treatments.

The surfaces must be entirely dry for sealer to be applied. This means additional time on the job going through drying procedures or returning at a later time to apply the sealer.

In addition to the drying stage, the Enhancer version of Stone Show is also polished with a mechanical buffer, degreased and hot water power washed for a truly epic finish to your travertine or natural stones.

Stone Show Requires Greater Care To Apply

Stone Show application is definitely more complicated and time consuming than the Ure-Seal sealing service.

Depending on which version you choose, Invisible or Enhancer, more work and time will be required. Because of the extra level or detail and process involved this sealer is definitely experts only.

I can say that the finished product is truly “stone show” quality hence the name.  Many People choose this product for their new hardscapes because of its unique protection and presentation qualities both in looks and feel to the sealed stones.

How Much Does Paver Seal Tampa Charge For Stone Show Application

The Price of Stone Show Sealing services depend on the size of your project, and the sheen you desire. Invisible Starts on average at $1.35 per square foot.

Enhancer has a much more involved process that typically starts around $1.85 per square foot.

These prices vary depending on location and other factors, but represent a good starting point in general, for costs in The Greater Tampa Bay Area.

Dive deep into the pros and cons of each product in the article below, as we are simply touching on factors that may affect the cost of travertine sealing here.

To learn more about the difference of Ure-Seal Vs. Stone Show read this article.

DIY How Much Does It Cost To Seal My Own Pavers?

Okay at this point in the pricing guide you might be thinking, “Surely I can save money and seal my own pavers.”

Or maybe not so much after researching what’s involved and the cost of failed sealer removal!

If you’re still interested in doing it yourself, look,  it is a satisfying job and it can be a great project to tackle.

But before you dive into a weekend long project let’s take an honest look at the potential savings and the potential costs of Do It Yourself Paver Sealing.

Time Is Money

I’ll be honest, labor is the biggest expense when it comes to the cost of goods sold for us. So if you’re planning to handle all the labor, great. That will save you a ton.

As a DIY’er you don’t have any overhead to look out for or profit to earn, so that pretty much narrows it down to just the cost of materials right?

Well…   Not so much.

This project has hidden costs for the Do It Yourselfer.

DIY Paver Sealing: What Materials Do I Need?

Next, let’s Discuss what you need to do the job and we will leave the “How to Do It Yourself” for a future article. This way you can get a more complete understanding of what it could cost you to do the job yourself.

Let’s assume you have an average 1,200 square foot driveway with an entrance foyer and walkway. You have done all your research and decided that you are going to “seal it” yourself.

According to the approximate coverage charts and using the mix ratios on the bucket you discover your project will require a 5 gallon bucket of Ure-Seal sealer.

You also learn, by reading my website, this project will use on average, 3 to 5, 50 lb bags of the 35/65 Florida Silica Sand.

Next you discover that in order to properly treat the pavers, you will require special chemicals such as degreaser, Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach aka SH), as well as Efflorescence removers.

(Remember of course to never use an efflorescence remover at the same time as bleach because of the toxic fumes their reaction creates.)

You will also need access to some commercial grade power washing gear, and a few simple tools and supplies. You likely already have some of what you need, such as push brooms, leaf blowers and gasoline.

DIY Paver Sealing: Costs and Savings

Approximate Cost of material supplies and equipment rentals.

  • Sealer $300
  • Sand $40
  • Chlorine $25
  • Degreaser $25
  • Efflorescence             $25
  • Gas $20
  • Equipment rental $150 per day plus deposits
  • Pump up sprayer $15

So the cost of doing the job yourself is approximately $600 Vs. our starting price range of $1,140 – $1,350.

This of course is a conservative estimate on the cost factors associated with you performing the job yourself. This also assumes your equipment rental is for one day and you are using a comparable commercial grade sealing product.

If you have access to your own equipment. You may be able to get this done for around $450.

Keep in mind we still need to add in all of your time.

DIY Paver Sealing: Your Time And The Full Cost.

“Are there other cost factors regarding sealing my own pavers?” You ask. Yes there are a few more important factors worth considering. For Starters…

What about the cost of your time? For example how long will it take you to research how to apply sealer, and learn which products to use?

How about the time it takes to locate and acquire all the supplies, materials, tools and equipment to get the job done right?

Now think about the amount of time it takes to learn what to do and then actually do that job from start to finish.

Next, honestly decide what your time is worth.

Obviously a simple way to calculate this is by dividing your earnings by the number of hours you work each period to bring in that income. This is what you earn per hour.

Objective Reasoning For Hiring A Pro.

Now recall how much time each of these parts of the DIY paver sealing process will take to achieve, if all goes smoothly.  Research, gathering supplies, and doing the project all take time.

Multiply that time by your earnings per hour and add it to the cost of the materials above.

This exercise reveals a hidden cost variable, that when faced objectively, makes DIY sealing totally unappealing!

Your Time Is Not Free. For most folks, when it comes to this type of maintenance project your time is better spent elsewhere. Perhaps in researching the right company for your project!

DIY Paver Sealing: Mistakes Lead to Expensive Stripping

This is the last thing I am going to say on the cost of Do It Yourself Paver Sealing.

This is not a simple straight forward service as many people assume.

Yes it can be done by a homeowner or handy DIY’er. Yes there are videos and resources online explaining the process.

Our training videos are available on our Youtube channel as well.

However, this process has too many variables that can affect your results, to experiment on your hardscape investment.

Mistakes can easily be made and the information available online can be outdated, incomplete and not applicable to your situation.

Plus, much of what we learned has come from thousands of sealing jobs, first hand experience, research, and focus exclusively on this particular niche of cleaning and exterior maintenance.

In case you’re still eager to spend the weekend sealing pavers for yourself or someone you love, go read the pricing guide section on The Cost of Stripping Pavers.

There are some projects in life it’s just better to have a specialist handle and DIY Paver Sealing may be one of them!

Factors That Affect Paver Sealing Costs

Project Add-Ons: Pool screen enclosures, fences, homes, sidewalks and other miscellaneous cleaning while on site for paver sealing services will increase the cost of your project.

Additional Shine Coats: Which uses extra sealer are available as an add on as well.

Additional Coats of Stripper: We are willing to fully apply and strip pavers up to 2 times in our stripping package.

It is extremely rare but if your project requires additional stripping, we offer any extra stripping at a drastically reduced rate.

This cost can usually be found in the line item description of your quote. We want you to be prepared, if we have to have that conversation, well before we ever start the project.

Additional Colors With Color Restoration: Can cause your pavers to pop and look brand new. We’ve used multiple different colors at a time to achieve the desired results. Each additional color over 2 colors, will add a little bump to the cost.

Furniture Moving: Both off of your patio, and back on. Available upon request, at an additional charge.

Credit Card Processing: We reserve the right to pass credit card processing fees of 4% onto any payment made by credit cards.  We may at times waive credit card fees, at our sole discretion. (No additional CC fees apply for Upkeep Plan maintenance subscription payments.)

Paver Upkeep Plans: Our Subscription maintenance members get huge discounts on future paver sealing coats and enjoy discounts on all add on services. Learn more about our Paver Upkeep Maintenance Plans here.

Job Type Location Variables: Pool patios and screen enclosures are more challenging than driveways for a few reasons. In general industry wide these areas may cost slightly more than the same square footage on a driveway.

Paver Repair: Any repairs are added to sealing services and start at $350 -$750. Our repairs are not guaranteed for any length.

*Paver Seal Tampa may not be able to actually repair your paver issue in the first place.

Large repairs are not done at Paver Seal Tampa. You may need to call your installer for catastrophic repairs and paver system failure.

Drive Time: Certain distances have a small bump in price to cover the cost of the team and gas during long drives.

Factors That Do Not Affect The Cost Of Sealing Pavers

New Pavers And Already “Cleaned” Pavers:

Over the years at Paver Seal Tampa many people have asked “Daniel, why do I need to have my new pavers cleaned? Can’t you just sand and seal them?”

Or they will ask me something like: “ Can we skip the whole power washing part? My normal pressure washing guy just did all the cleaning less than a month ago.”

My answer is honest and frank. “We take 100% ownership of great results. In order to ensure great results we take certain steps to guarantee your sealer looks fantastic for the long term. That means doing the job 100%.”

My advice to anyone considering cutting corners to save a little cost…

Just don’t do it. Don’t even bother sealing at all if it’s not 100%. The look of your home and outdoor spaces are on the line with this type of service.


If the cost of sealing seems too high, wait till you get the quote for stripping off the failed coating that was installed!

Any company or person who is willing to short cut steps, is leaving you exposed to much larger expenses in the future, fixing problems that start by saving a couple dollars initially.

Comparing Prices & Quotes For Paver Sealing Services

The one thing about getting quotes for your projects, regardless of the industry type, that always seems to remain constant, is the wide range of prices and processes used by contractors.

As you can imagine, many of these reasons for these price differences are universal for businesses.

  • Higher Quality Materials
  • Better Processes and Systems
  • Highly Trained Technicians
  • Proper Equipment
  • Proper Licenses & Insurances

And as companies, we tend to each have tons of great reasons why we think we’re better, and we like to talk about them a lot!

Honestly, there are many good companies available that can handle your project.

Unfortunately there are even more contractors that will make your life a nightmare and leave your investment ruined.

The Difference Is Something Else

For all of us at Paver Seal Tampa, I believe what it really comes down to is…

Our clients trust us to deliver an excellent experience from beginning to end. And we do our very best to honor that.

What’s With The Big Difference In Prices?

If you are currently comparing quotes, you may be wondering why there is such a wide range of prices being presented for this project.

I must confess…   Sometimes, but not always, Paver Seal Tampa is not the lowest cost provider for sealing services.  And from time to time, we have been accused of being one of the more expensive quotes received!

Here is why.

We are dedicated to doing your project 100% the right way and delivering excellent results every time.

Many times I have seen new and seasoned companies alike, skip steps and cut corners intentionally in an effort to save cost on a job, or out of ignorance of the correct processes.

This happens all the time! Believe it or not even paver installation companies struggle to get paver sealing right.

To make matters worse, cutting corners isn’t all that’s getting cut!

Problems With Lowest Price Paver Sealing Services

Did You Know Some Contractors Dilute & Cut Your Sealer?

Ure-Seal is a water reducible urethane based sealer, which means once the two part solution gets mixed, water gets added to the sealer to complete the mix.

The ratios on the bucket can be diluted very far past the indicated coverage ratios.

This could be why there is a big price difference. Even with the same product being used, your sealer’s effectiveness could be getting diluted and cut by half or more!

Everyday, unscrupulous contractors are selling watered down sealer services to customers who think they’re getting a deal.

Cheaper Products Affect The Cost And Results Of Paver Sealing

Another important consideration that affects the range of prices you may be quoted is what type of products are being applied.

There are many sealing products available and each has a specific process for application.

These products are available in a wide range of prices and the lowest price option isn’t always going to provide the most value long term.

Often the difference in prices comes down to a lower cost of material. This upfront cost can be misleading as cheaper products take up to several months to show signs of failure. If and when this occurs paver stripping and restoration may ultimately be the only way to fix the situation.

Pricing Guide: Other Popular Sealing Options

Acrylic, Polymeric Sand and Solvent Based Sealers.

In this pricing guide we have talked a lot about price and cost factors related to the paver sealing industry.

We understand you are searching for information on sealing costs. There are other sealing processes that have been used for many years throughout the country that we don’t have pricing information for.

Topics related to professional sealing prices for products such as oil and acrylic based sealers were not covered here. Polymeric sand is another popular option which was not discussed in terms of pricing either.

The reason is, we do not use these products and processes. Here in Florida, these products are less forgiving for our climate, than in other parts of the country.

To be fair,  these products have certain advantages, especially in other climates, but because we do not specialize in their application, we have not covered it yet!

Knowing there is very little information on sealing prices in general, one day we will find a reputable acrylic and polymeric sand installer to explain pricing to us. On that day we will share the information with you here!

Putting The Pricing Guide To Paver Sealing To Use

Thank you for checking out our guide to hardscapes sealing prices and costs.

We have discussed a ton of sealing related pricing information in this guide and all the factors that affect the cost of your project.

If you read everything here, you are officially a pricing master!  And even if you picked through just a few of the topics applicable to you, you’re better prepared to make a great decision.

Hopefully you have a good understanding of all the different factors that contribute to the cost of a paver sealing service.

Many of these factors for price and cost are valid throughout the country, not just in Tampa.

Best of Luck in your Sealing Project!

Thank you for allowing us to share our thoughts with you on the subject of Pricing and Paver Sealing Costs!


Daniel Bianco & Criss Bageard

Paver Seal Tampa