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Concrete Sealing

Protect your driveway from stains

Concrete Sealing is the best way to guard your driveways and concrete surfaces from stains.

Paver Seal Tampa uses Nano Tech Sealers to prevent stains and moisture from seeping into the pores of the concrete while allowing ground moisture underneath to evaporate through the surface and escape.

Slow the Growth of Mold on your Concrete

Sealed concrete will not allow moisture to soak into the substrate and pores. This prevents mold from being able to form on the surface for way longer than un-sealed surfaces.

Accidental spills and stains are easy to clean on sealed concrete.

After concrete sealing most common driveway stains clean off with a rinse from the water hose.

The Paver Seal Tampa Concrete Sealing Process

Concrete Sealing

Treat Concrete with Cleaner & Degreaser

Chemical Removal of Oil / Rust / Stains

Pressure Wash Entire Surface

Apply Concrete Brightener

High Pressure Rinse

Heavy Coat of Concrete Nano Sealer

The Cleaning and Sealing Process is a One Day, One Coat Process.The Nano Sealer Begins Repelling Moisture Immediately and Only Absorbs One Coat.

Let the professionals at Paver Seal Tampa Protect your investment.

Guard against unsightly stains and prevent Damage from accidental spills and mold infiltration.

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