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Sealer Removal

Professional Sealer Removal & Restoration FOR PAVERS & TRAVERTINE

Failed Sealer

Nothing is worse than a failed sealer on your gorgeous pavers.

This frustrating situation happens often when homeowners let inexperienced and untrained  individuals seal their pavers and travertine.

Whether you want to save a buck with a cheap consumer grade product or let the “handyman” type who “does a little bit of everything” take care of it. This is a surefire way to invite disaster!

Many handymen offer paver sealing services in addition to whatever else they do..

Do it yourselfers tend to get in over their head, lacking the experience knowledge and equipment.


There  are even professional paver sealers using absolutely the wrong product for Florida stones.    

There is a ton of misinformation about how to apply the product in the first place and the saturation of information online and via YouTube leads to confusion even for customers shopping for the right contractor to do the best job.

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Paver Stripping and Restoration

You may even be reading this thinking...   

“Why did I attempt to seal my pavers on my own…”

And Now It’s Come To This!

Something has to be done about this mess and…  It needs to look Great when it’s all said and done!

Paver Seal Tampa Can Remove Failed Sealer From Your Brick Pavers

We specialize in paver restoration services. We have helped many of your neighbors get the most out of their pavers Breathing new life into them!


Failed Sealer

Avoid the expensive nightmare of stripping your beautiful paver systems in advance by hiring Pavers Seal Tampa to take care of your pavers in the first place!

Whether you need to get a failed sealer removed or want to seal your brick pavers for the first time…

We are partners with you Now and in the Future maintenance you will need in order to keep that amazing color and shine, Protecting your investment indefinitely.

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4 Signs Your Pavers Need Stripping And Restoration


White hazy Blemish that remains even when stones are wet.

Flakey Blotches on random edges of pavers

Stripes of heavy sealer application from roller marks

Dullness of color while still preventing water penetration as if the paver is sealed still.

Failed Sealer on Brick Pavers

Failed sealer appears as flakey, white, blotchy patches covering the surface of the pavers. It can blemish the whole surface or appear spontaneously across various areas of the paver system.

Bottom line is…  This hazy frosted-over look is awful to look at and must be professionally stripped and resealed in order to get the best results and have the pavers looking great again.

What To Do When The Sealer has Failed

You might’ve guessed that this is an extensive and expensive project. Once sealer has failed there is simply nothing to do except roll up your sleeves and call Paver Seal Tampa to get true professionals with the experience and expertise to fix this disaster!

If you or someone you know is suffering from a failed sealer…    Don’t wait!     Paver Seal Tampa Has The Cure! 

Call Now and our knowledgeable representatives will discuss your situation and customize a solution that meets your needs!

You want professionals that can get the best results…

You Want Paver Seal Tampa!

Paver Stripping and restoration is by far the most challenging of any sealing service we perform as far as level of detail and application and use of chemicals.  Most sealing services do not have sufficient knowledge and experience or the proper equipment to safely and effectively remove sealer. 

Stripping services costs are typically three times greater than sealing services. The additional expense is justified by the greater cost of materials and the intensity of the labor, skill, time and technique needed to properly remove failed sealer coatings and reseal your paver system. 

Over the years we have helped many of your neighbors with restoration services…   The difference is night and day.   

Paver Restoration is an important investment to make if you want Pavers That Pop…
Improving the curb appeal, utility and market value of your property instantly with one call to

Paver Seal Tampa

What Causes Paver Sealer To Fail?


  • Improper product for the climate or surface: The constant moisture and high water table throughout most of Florida calls for a better suited product Such As Ure-Seal by Innovative Concrete Technologies. Different types of stones call for different sealers.
  •  Poor Application: Products that are not suited for this climate are available for your purchase at cheap prices at every big box home improvement store. What’s more is these products require Extensive and Drawn out application Techniques taking three times longer to avoid product failure. More often than not despite all efforts, the job still frosts over revealing inconsistencies and causing sealer failure within 6 months to a year
  • Lack Of Knowledge And Training: Every Paver Seal Tampa Technician Is Paver Seal and Restoration Certified to provide the highest level of expertise on every project.
  • Save A Penny Approach: Lets face it, anyone who is handy can power wash and seal some pavers right??? “ I’m not paying for something I can do over the weekend.”

Cheap Sealer is Sold as commercial grade products and are available everywhere for the do-it yourselfer and handymen jack-of-all trades types.   

Many people wish they never attempted it way before things start to haze! 

Even Local Contractors do not have the right approach to get the best results. I hear them tell me all the time they “stay away” from sealing jobs!

Why Your Sealer Failed

Failed Sealer on Brick Pavers

Sealer Fails when a film forming sealer is applied to brick pavers and travertine stones and traps moisture underneath.

A film forming sealer is a sealer that does not penetrate the surface it is sealing, creating a layer of protection on only the surface of the stones.  

This Film Traps Moisture from escaping from the ground beneath the stones. Over time the moisture builds up appearing as hazy white ugliness. This moisture can also build up what’s called hydrostatic pressure eventually causing stones to crack!

Did you know…

Sealers work differently depending on the stone itself as well as the climate and ground moisture. 

When it comes to Oil, Acrylic, Xylene or any other “lene”  based sealers… These are all examples of form-filming sealers and are based on outdated technology. 

Do not let anyone use these products on your stones. Plain and simple. 

Along a similar line of thought, Ure-Seal is commonly applied to Travertine, but is not a penetrating sealer for travertine and natural stones like it is with pavers. 

Ure- Seal on travertine will act like a film forming sealer because of the density of the stone itself. 

Stone Show is the product recommended by the manufacturer for newly installed and previously unsealed travertine and other natural stones. 

We use either product according to the situation and what the client is trying to achieve when it comes to Travertine Sealing.

To learn more about the Difference between Stone Show and Ure-Seal on Travertine Click the link and check out that page.

We Stand Behind Our Process and our dedicated to providing outstanding service

At Paver Seal Tampa we utilize the Innovative Concrete Technologies line of eco-friendly commercial Products Including Ure-Seal, Stone Show, Ure-Shades for color enhancement, as well as their powerful line of Bio-Strippers and Degreasers. 

Ure-Seal is such a durable and flexible sealer it is even used at places like NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.  

With this incredible line of versatile products combined with our expertise and customer service, we can provide a wide range of sealer related maintenance services to meet your needs.

Fill out our Lead Form For a Free Virtual Quote and we will contact you Via your preferred method to discuss your unique project.

You don’t have to live with ugly, failed sealers masking the natural beauty underneath.

We can help restore your brick pavers with professional Paver Sealing and Restoration services by Paver Seal Tampa.

Before Sealer Removal
Before Sealer Romoval on Brick pavers by Paver Seal Tampa
After Sealer Removal
After Sealer Removal by Paver Seal Tampa

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