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The Top Choice For Travertine & Paver Sealing In The Tampa Bay Area

Welcome to Paver Seal Tampa

At Paver Seal Tampa, we’re not just a company; we’re a community of passionate individuals dedicated to making a difference. Our commitment to enhancing outdoor spaces, fostering excellence, and exceeding client expectations sets us apart.

If you’re ready to be part of a dynamic team where your talents are celebrated, your growth is encouraged, and your contributions matter, you’ve come to the right place. Explore the opportunities that await you, and join us in transforming hardscapes and creating lasting impressions. Welcome to a world where your career takes center stage. Welcome to Paver Seal Tampa.

Paver Seal Tech
Office Assistant
Content Marketing Manager
Paver Install / Repair Contractor

Paver Sealing Technicians

Are you ready to be valued for your hard work and make a noticeable impact on outdoor spaces?

At Paver Seal Tampa, we understand the importance of transforming ordinary patios, driveways, and walkways into stunning, long-lasting works of art. Our clients not only appreciate what we do, but they often express their gratitude with generous tips. The satisfaction of knowing that your efforts create significant improvements for those we serve is just one of the many rewards of being part of our team.

Why Choose Us?

Client Appreciation: Experience the joy of satisfied customers who genuinely value your craftsmanship.

Team Pride: Join a company that takes pride in the quality of its work and the professionalism of its team.

Meaningful Impact: Make a substantial difference in the aesthetics and durability of outdoor spaces.

Continuous Learning: We welcome candidates who are eager to learn and grow with us.

Pay for Performance Bonuses: In addition to competitive compensation, we offer Pay for Performance bonuses, rewarding your hard work and dedication. Your commitment to excellence directly contributes to your success and financial growth.


– Cleaning and meticulously preparing paver surfaces.

– Expertly applying sealants and coatings to enhance durability and appearance.

– Conducting rigorous quality control and inspections to ensure client satisfaction.

– Collaborating effectively within a team to efficiently complete projects.


– Previous experience in paver sealing is preferred but not mandatory; we provide comprehensive training.

– Keen attention to detail, ensuring every project meets our high standards.

– Willingness to work outdoors in various weather conditions, demonstrating adaptability.

– Possession of a valid driver’s license and access to reliable transportation.

– Clear and respectful communication skills with both clients and colleagues.

– Physical fitness to lift at least 50 lbs, work outdoors in the sun, and perform tasks like carrying and climbing ladders.

– A strong work ethic, a desire to learn, and a commitment to excellence.

How to Apply:

Ready to take your career to the next level, be recognized for your hard work, and earn Pay for Performance bonuses? Don’t miss this opportunity to transform landscapes and be part of something extraordinary. Apply today by clicking the link below:

Apply Now by clicking this link: Paver Sealing Technician Application

Join us at Paver Seal Tampa and thrive in a rewarding environment!

Paver Seal Tampa

12507 Eloian Dr Thonotosassa FL 33592

813-480-9093 Subject Line: Join Our Team

Office Assistant

Are you organized, efficient, and ready to support our business operations? Join our team as an Office Assistant and play a vital role in keeping our operations running smoothly.

As an Office Assistant at Paver Seal Tampa, you’ll be an essential part of our daily operations. Your organizational skills and attention to detail will ensure efficient communication and workflow, contributing to the success of our team.

Why Choose Us as an Office Assistant

Growth Opportunities: Joining Paver Seal Tampa offers you the opportunity for personal and professional growth. Be part of a team where your potential for advancement is limitless.

Valued Contributions: Your role as an Office Assistant is highly valued here. Your contributions have a direct impact on our success, making your work both meaningful and rewarding.

Competitive Compensation: We provide competitive compensation packages and performance-based bonuses, ensuring that you’re fairly rewarded for your hard work.

Dynamic Work Environment: Our workplace is dynamic and engaging. You’ll experience an atmosphere of innovation and collaboration as you work alongside a motivated team.

Team Collaboration: Collaboration is at the heart of our culture. Join a close-knit team where working together to achieve common goals is encouraged.

Join us as an Office Assistant and be part of a team that values your contributions, offers room for growth, and provides a dynamic and collaborative work environment. Ready to apply? Click here to submit your application.


Communication Management: Answer and direct phone calls, respond to emails promptly, and maintain clear and organized communication channels.

Scheduling and Calendar Management: Efficiently manage calendars, schedule appointments, and coordinate meetings.

Data Entry and Record Keeping: Accurately enter data into spreadsheets and databases, ensuring that records are up-to-date and well-organized.

Office Organization: Maintain a tidy and organized office space, ensuring that supplies are adequately stocked.

Administrative Support: Provide general administrative support to the team, such as preparing documents, photocopying, and assisting with office tasks as needed.


Excellent Communication Skills: Clear and effective communication, both written and verbal.

Organizational Skills: Exceptional organizational abilities to manage multiple tasks efficiently.

Attention to Detail: Meticulous attention to detail to ensure accuracy in data entry and administrative tasks.

Tech-Savvy: Comfortable with technology and willing to adapt to new tools and systems.

Previous Office Experience: Previous experience in an office or administrative role is preferred.

Reliable and Punctual: Dependability and punctuality are essential.

Team Player: Willingness to collaborate and assist colleagues as needed.

desk cluttered with keyboard pens coffee etc

How to Apply:

If you’re excited about the opportunity to contribute to our office operations and help us run smoothly, we encourage you to apply today. Please send your resume and a cover letter to:

Email: **Subject Line:** Office Assistant

For inquiries, you can also contact us at:

Phone: 813-480-9093


Join us at Paver Seal Tampa and be part of a team that values your dedication to excellence!

Paver Seal Tampa

Address: 12507 Eloian Dr Thonotosassa Fl 33592

Phone: 813-480-9093


Content Marketing Manager

Are you a creative and strategic thinker with a passion for digital marketing? Join our team as a Content Marketing Manager and lead our efforts to build a strong online presence and engage with our audience effectively.

Position Overview:

As a Content Marketing Manager at Paver Seal Tampa, you’ll be responsible for creating, curating, and optimizing content across various digital platforms. Your innovative approach to content strategy will drive our brand’s visibility, engagement, and growth.

Why Choose Us as a Content Marketing Manager?

Creativity Flourishes: At Paver Seal Tampa, creativity is celebrated. As a Content Marketing Manager, you’ll have the freedom to explore innovative ideas and bring your creative vision to life.

Impactful Work: Your role directly influences our brand’s visibility and engagement. Your content strategies will shape our online presence and drive our brand’s growth.

Professional Development: We are committed to your professional development. Access ongoing training and resources to continually enhance your skills and knowledge.

Collaborative Environment: Collaboration is key here. You’ll work closely with cross-functional teams, including designers, SEO specialists, and developers, fostering a culture of teamwork.

Competitive Rewards: We offer competitive compensation packages, including performance-based bonuses. Your hard work and dedication will be recognized and rewarded.

Join us as a Content Marketing Manager and experience a workplace that values creativity, encourages professional growth, fosters collaboration, and offers competitive rewards.

Ready to apply? Click Now Content Marketing Manager Application

Paver Seal Tampa is hiring content media mangers


Content Creation: Develop high-quality, engaging content for our website, blog, social media, and email marketing campaigns.

Content Strategy: Develop and execute content strategies that align with our brand goals, target audience, and industry trends.

Social Media Management: Manage and grow our presence on social media platforms, creating and scheduling posts, monitoring engagement, and analyzing performance.

Website Management: Ensure our website is up-to-date with fresh and relevant content, optimizing it for SEO and user experience.

Email Marketing: Create and manage email marketing campaigns to nurture leads and engage existing customers.

Analytics and Optimization: Regularly analyze data and metrics to track the effectiveness of content and campaigns, adjusting strategies as needed.

*Graphic Design: Create or coordinate visual content, including graphics and videos, to complement written content.

Team Collaboration: Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including designers, SEO specialists, and developers, to align content with overall marketing goals.

Content Calendar: Maintain a content calendar to ensure consistent, timely delivery of content.


Strong Writing and Editing Skills: Exceptional writing and editing abilities with a keen eye for detail.

Digital Marketing Knowledge: Proficiency in digital marketing principles, SEO, and content optimization.

Social Media Expertise: Experience managing and growing social media accounts for businesses.

Graphic Design Skills: Basic graphic design skills for creating or overseeing the creation of visual content.

SEO and SEM Knowledge: Familiarity with SEO best practices and paid advertising campaigns.

Analytics Proficiency: Ability to interpret data and draw actionable insights to optimize content strategies.

Content Management Systems: Experience with content management systems (CMS) for website updates.

Creativity: Innovative thinking and the ability to come up with fresh and engaging content ideas.

Team Player: Strong collaborative skills to work effectively within a team.

Previous Content Marketing Experience: Previous experience in a content marketing role is preferred.

How to Apply:

If you’re passionate about content creation, digital marketing, and driving brand growth through engaging content strategies, we invite you to apply for the Content Marketing Manager position. Please send your resume and a portfolio of your previous work to:

Subject Line: Content Marketing Manager

For inquiries, you can also contact us at:

Phone: 813-480-9093


Join us at Paver Seal Tampa and be at the forefront of our digital marketing efforts!

Paver Seal Tampa

Address: 12507 Eloian Dr Thonotosassa Fl 33592

Phone: 813-480-9093



Paver Installation and Repair Subcontractor

As a Paver Installation and Repair Subcontractor partnering with Paver Seal Tampa, you’ll play a crucial role in helping us deliver top-notch services to our clients. Your professionalism, expertise, and commitment to quality align perfectly with our mission.

Why Collaborate with Us:

 Proper Licensing and Insurance: We prioritize professionalism and compliance. When you collaborate with us, you can rest assured that proper licensing and insurance are mandatory, ensuring a secure and transparent partnership.

Communication Proficiency: Effective communication is vital in any partnership. We require subcontractors who are proficient in both written and spoken English to facilitate seamless collaboration and clear client interactions.

Reputation and Integrity: Your reputation is a reflection of our collective integrity. We are dedicated to maintaining a strong and trustworthy brand, and we value subcontractors who share our commitment to honesty, reliability, and excellence.

Transparent Pricing: Transparency is a cornerstone of our business. We appreciate subcontractors who provide clear, competitive pricing, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship built on trust.

Proven Portfolio and References: Your past work speaks volumes about your expertise. Share your portfolio and client references with us, showcasing your successful projects and satisfied clients.


– Execute high-quality paver installation and repair projects, adhering to industry standards and timelines.

– Maintain clear communication with project managers, clients, and the internal team to ensure project success.

– Adhere to safety protocols and best practices in all aspects of project execution.

– Provide accurate project estimates and budget management.

– Collaborate with our team to deliver exceptional outdoor spaces that meet or exceed client expectations.


– Proper licensing and insurance for paver installation and repair services.

– Proficiency in both written and spoken English for effective communication.

– A solid reputation for integrity, reliability, and high-quality work.

– Transparent pricing practices that align with our commitment to trust and excellence.

– A proven portfolio of successful projects and client references.

various paver sealing projects
Paver Install Subs

How to Collaborate with Us:

Interested in collaborating with us as a Paver Installation and Repair Subcontractor? We’d love to explore the opportunities for working together. 

Please reach out to us

Contact Us: Paver Contractor in the Message Box or Subject Line

For inquiries, you can also contact us at:

Phone: 813-480-9093



Join us and become a valued member of a dynamic team that prioritizes professionalism, quality, and client satisfaction. Let’s transform outdoor spaces together!