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Oil Stain Removal From Paver Driveway

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Our team recently received a phone call from a previous customer located within the Tampa Bay Golf & Country Club. Unfortunately, while they were having work completed on their home, an automobile had leaked oil onto their driveway causing unsightly staining to the stones below.

We discussed the situation and reviewed the likelihood of removing the oil stains from the driveway. In many cases, it is often more efficient to replace the damaged stones, as oil stain removal is often not possible. Luckily, with the driveway having been previously sealed we had a shot at removing the staining. After discussing the possibility of removing the staining with our client, we scheduled a date to visit the property to attempt removal.

Upon arrival, we degreased the entire driveway, along with the damaged area to clean the driveway. Our team then re-sanded and re-sealed the paver driveway with Ure-seal to achieve remarkable results for our customer. While we were unable to remove the entire stain, we minimized the appearance of it significantly. With their driveway looking great, and the majority of the oil staining removed, our clients couldn’t be happier with the service received from our dedicated paver sealing company!

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