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Sealant Warranty

Please read the Warranty and Terms of Service below. By hiring Paver Seal Tampa, you, the customer approves and agrees to Paver Seal Tampa’s Terms and Conditions.  You are entering into a legally binding contract for work to be completed at an agreed upon price under the conditions outlined below.

Paver Seal Tampa warrants all residential applications against defects in material failure such as cracking, peeling or turning white/yellow as follows: 3 years on residential warranties using Ure-Seal H2O on brick pavers or Stone Show H2O on Travertine.  Paver Seal Tampa will repair all manufacturers’ defective sealer. Longevity, which is typically around 12 – 24 months, will be determined by the amount of sealer that is absorbed into the substrate and becomes part of the structure.  Flagstone, Marble, Slate and any other natural stone the customer requires to be sealed is not covered by the warranty. Customers are responsible for material cost on all warranty work; however, we will provide labor and waive the trip charge for any warranty issues needing to be corrected.

IMPORTANT: WARRANTY IS VOID IF PREVIOUSLY SEALED.  This warranty excludes damages caused by failure of any previous coating/ sealer, breakdown of substrate or damage caused by customer abuse, high traffic or neglect. Conditions of surface use are beyond Paver Seal Tampa’s control.

Efflorescence is not covered by this warrantyMost manufacturers recommended that new stones wait/cure for 28 days. Efflorescence remover can aid in the removal, but is not guaranteed to remove all residue prior to application of the sealer per Ure-Seal.

Durability:  To maintain your warranty, Paver Seal Tampa requires annual maintenance. We have two different annual maintenance services which can be found below under annual maintenance programs.  The cost will be based on the square footage of the surface under warranty.

Note: Take advantage of our maintenance plans, even if your pavers have been previously sealed. You will get the same discounts and longevity out of your sealing services from Paver Seal Tampa, in 95% of cases.

Warranty is subject to change at any time without notice as industry products and processes change.

IT IS STRONGLY SUGGESTED that the customer print the current warranty and terms and conditions of service at the time of services rendered to ensure they receive proper coverage. This is the only warranty given by the warrantor. Last revision to warranty made 1/01/2022.

Terms and Conditions

PST is an abbreviation for Paver Seal Tampa.

Sand Erosion: Paver Seal Tampa is not responsible for any natural erosion that may occur based on normal conditions. We do not express or imply any length of time the joint sand will remain in the paver joints.

Sand Joint Level: Paver Seal Tampa does not guarantee sand will be consistently filled between joints and gaps at the same level in all areas. Some areas will not be able to be filled.

Grit: Paver Seal Tampa technicians do their best to remove any excess sand on top of the pavers, but some sand will remain and may be sealed on the pavers. This should be reduced over time; however, pavers may have a gritty texture.

Stains:  The customer understands, Paver Seal Tampa will try to remove stains as best as we can. We do not guarantee 100% removal of efflorescence, artillery fungus, iron, oil, rust or mold stains on surfaces. Some stains are set deep into the pores of the bricks making total removal impossible without serious damage to bricks.  We will make every effort to point this out to the customer. Paver Seal Tampa will not treat rust or efflorescence on stone or travertine without verbal permission. Paver Seal Tampa is not responsible for any adverse reactions, including, but not limited to whitening, brightening or severe etching. Some stains can only be removed by having the bricks replaced manually.

Efflorescence – According to the ICPI (interlocking concrete pavement institute), “Efflorescence is a natural process, in which a random white haze may appear on the surface of the brick, which is caused by line or a water-soluble calcium oxide that rises to the surface after repeated saturations due to rain or sprinklers. Efflorescence does not affect the integrity of the bricks and will usually resolve itself with time and exposure to the elements.” The proper sealing of concrete brick pavers can either retard or stop the efflorescence process due to the moisture protection achieved by sealing. However, this warranty does not state or imply that efflorescence will stop because of the sealing process. In addition, some brick pavers lie in a heavily moisture ridden substrate (due to improper drainage) which may cause the bricks to retain moisture and cloud. Only proper drainage will correct the problem and is not the responsibility of Paver Seal Tampa.

Weeds and insects:  Paver Seal Tampa cannot guarantee the time frame of insect intrusion, weeds and mold. We take many steps to prohibit the growth of mold and weeds. Insects will do what they do naturally and tunnel.  The tunnels will not affect the integrity of the sealed surface. All may or will return. See Paver Care and Instructions and Tips.

Uniformity of sheen:  Paver Seal Tampa does not in any way guarantee the customer’s pavers will have or hold a high shine or any shine at all, as it is paver-by-paver dependent.  Some pavers are more porous than others and inconsistencies on the same surface can occur which can impede the shine. No claim is implied on how long the sealer shine will last (condition, quality and how well the pavers are maintained can affect durability).

Surface texture/ Slip:  Sealer can be slippery. Paver Seal Tampa is not liable for injury. A polymer grip will be added to increase traction if using Ure-Seal H2O. This adds a non-slip texture to all-natural stones such as marble, flagstone, slate, travertine etc.  The non-slip will wear off over time.  Paver Seal Tampa does not guarantee the length of time the non-slip will remain after sealing due to conditions of use are beyond PST’s control.

Color Enhancement for faded pavers and adding color tones: When adding color tones to sealer, Paver Seal Tampa does not in any way guarantee the customer’s pavers will have the uniformity of color when compared with shaded, sealed/ unsealed or other variations of paver conditions adjacent to one another or separate sections in various locations.  Blending colors and restoring areas with multiple variables is done to the best of our ability to bring out original tones and vibrance. Only one color will be added unless specifically itemized on the customer’s invoice. In some cases, multiple colors/ coats are recommended and can help deepen and enhance the colors.  When contracting PST, the customer understands they are paying for our effort, labor, materials and time involved, not the finished results.

Paver Seal Tampa does not express or imply any specific color results. Customer understands the final product is subjective, not warrantable or refundable. We do not guarantee exact color matching or like new results. All results vary. Customer understands this service is subject to many variables including degradation of pavers due to neglect and weathering as well as stains and being previously sealed.

Please speak with the sales representative to address any concerns ahead of time.  All colors are final.  No additional colors will be provided without additional invoices being applied, if the customer changes their mind on adding a color or changing a color once it is applied.

No claim is implied on how long the color will last or that all stones will absorb the same amount of color and tone and in rare cases none at all (condition, quality and how well the pavers are maintained can affect longevity of color).

Paver Seal Tampa makes every attempt, including spray shields and rollers, to avoid overspray/ droplets. PST is not responsible for removing/ painting over, overspray over a half inch from the top of the paver surface on walls and screen frames or concrete.  We reserve the right to repair overspray.

Stripping/ Sealer Removal: Any job Paver Seal Tampa strips or recommends stripping sealer is not covered in our warranty. PST cannot guarantee any work that has already failed prior to contracting our company.  In addition, we cannot guarantee 100% of old sealer will be removed with stripping services. Variables beyond our control such as the type of sealer used, the length of time it has been applied and the integrity of the pavers will affect the ability to remove sealer. We make every effort to achieve complete removal, utilizing the best equipment, strippers, techniques and processes. When contracting PST, the customer understands they are paying for our effort, labor, materials and time involved, not the finished results.

If we are on a stripping project, and the customer is not happy with the stripping results and would like us to stop the project, prior to the new sealer having been mixed/ prepped for application, the customer is responsible for 75% of the total job cost.  Once the sealer has been mixed or a technician has begun sealer application, the customer understands that they are responsible for 100% of the project cost.

Deterioration/degradation of Pavers: Paver Seal Tampa is not responsible for any erosion of pavers.  The loss of the thin top layer of brick pavers can be caused by: Traffic volume, UV exposure, weather conditions, rainwater dripping off of roofline or gutter drip line, pool cage railing dripping, spigots, downspouts pouring directly on the surface and surrounding environment, and/or natural factors can contribute to deterioration of pavers. In these conditions, it is very likely that the aggregate will start to show through. These factors are out of the control of PST and are due to erosion, not sealer failure.

Parking: The customer agrees to provide Paver Seal Tampa with adequate parking accommodations. In most cases, service can be performed with roadside parking. Please insure enough room for a work truck and trailer. Please, park customer vehicles away from the work site.

Access: The customer agrees to provide Paver Seal Tampa with adequate access to the work site on the property; including but not limited to parking in the grass, access behind gates and any other reasonable access to perform services. In addition, when parking off the pavement, the customer must make known underground utilities, such as propane and septic systems. PST assumes no responsibility for tire marks or ruts in the grass/ dirt/ mud, etc.

Water Usage: The customer agrees to provide Paver Seal Tampa an on-site water supply to complete the service without compensation. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that the water at the location is on and working before we arrive. Additional charges will be applied if water is not available.

Electrical Usage:  The customer agrees to provide Paver Seal Tampa an on-site electrical source to complete the service without compensation, if needed. Additional charges may be applied if electricity is not available.

Courtesy: The customer is responsible for keeping children, pets and others away from the work area, while Paver Seal Tampa is on the service property. Children, pets and others must be kept away from the work area, even if Paver Seal Tampa has completed the work, until the area is completely free from any possible injury.

Plants and Pets: Paver Seal Tampa does not take any fault if plants or fish or any animals are damaged/ harmed during or after cleaning and/or sealing. Paver Seal Tampa takes many measures and steps to protect any surrounding plant life, foliage and fishponds.  In some cases, plants/ponds could be damaged if the surrounding soil or water comes in contact with our solutions.

Removal of Items:  The customer is responsible for the removal of ALL items, in and around the area to be serviced, i.e., Grills, furniture, planter, pool basket covers, wall decorations etc. Should Paver Seal Tampa be requested to remove such items, we will not be responsible for any breakage or storage issues.  Additional charges may be applied for the time and labor spent to remove such items.

Damages: The customer understands that Paver Seal Tampa is not responsible for:

  •   Damage resulting from over-spray of chemicals. Personal property, such as cars and other items, should be removed before cleaning. This is for the customers safety and ours.
  •   Damages due to improperly installed or loose siding or shingles; broken, opened or improperly sealed windows; rotting wood; defective construction on any surface; loose paint; improperly secured wires/ loose or improperly installed gutters.
  •   Discoloration in aluminum siding and vinyl siding from pressure washing and removal of chalky, gritty surface material that may cause the faded aspects of the material to stand out. The sun and weather will bleach the color and cause it to fade.
  •   Any loose mortar that dislodges during any cleaning process.
  •   Damages due to water infiltration from poor installation or maintenance of windows, doors or other areas that water could enter.

Wood: Paver Seal Tampa will attempt to restore the original color or tone of wood as much as possible. There may be some variance in the overall finish that depends on many factors that have been on the wood prior to cleaning. The properties, species and treatment of wood can age and weather over time, greatly affecting the color, tone or density of the wood. This can occur on individual boards or can vary across the whole density of the surface.

Windows: The customer understands that windows may become spotted because of pressure washing. Window cleaning is not included.  Paver Seal Tampa suggests you schedule a professional window cleaning after pressure washing is completed to maintain their integrity.

Pool: The customer understands that:

  •   Paver Seal Tampa is not a pool service company and does not assume PCT has knowledge of pool equipment and hardware. The customer must point out/ cover and/or remove pool equipment that may come in contact with sealer.
  •   Paver Seal Tampa is not under any obligation to replace or repair pool equipment left out or not covered with plastic and/or tape prior to sealing.
  •   Paver Seal Tampa requires that the customer turn off the pool pump before service and the pool pump remains off after pool deck cleaning/ sealing. Paver Seal Tampa is not responsible for debris, chemicals and/or sand that may/will end up in the pool during service.
  •   Paver Seal Tampa highly recommends having the pool professionally cleaned by a company that has experience in post sealing service to maintain its reliability.

Pool Cage Cleaning: The customer understands that screens can be damaged by natural erosion of plant life growing on them which eats away at the structure of the screen and thin rubber seams.  UV exposure and normal breakdown over time can weaken the material and cause screens to be brittle. PST takes measures to prevent damage to screens, but is not responsible for damage to screens that are in a deteriorated state. Scuff marks and oxidation will not be removed on aluminum railing or screens with low-pressure chemical applications.

Right to Repair: Contracting Paver Seal Tampa gives us the right to reservice, repair and refund invoice amounts of ALL CLAIMS.  Customer service is our priority. We reserve the right to correct any issues our customers may encounter within 30 days from completion of service. Payment of the invoice must be paid in full before warranty work will be scheduled.

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