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5 Misleading Claims Paver Sealing Companies Make

Paver Sealing Claims Can Be Misleading

Welcome to the world of paver sealing, where every company promises to protect your stones, but not all promises are as solid as they seem. Here, we’re digging into the five common misleading claims by paver sealing companies. We’ll break down warranties, talk about how long sealers really last, and spill the beans on sand permanence, weed prevention, mold, and algae resistance. Stick with us – this exploration is about giving you, the homeowner, the lowdown on making smart choices for your outdoor spaces.

1. Warranty: Reading the Fine Print

Let’s chat about warranties, those safety nets companies love to talk up. But here’s the real deal: not everything might be covered, and your warranty might be tied to extra maintenance plans you have to buy separately. It’s not just about promises; it’s about knowing what you’re getting into. Your understanding is key.

2. Longevity: Sealer Coverage and Protection

Companies often claim their sealers last 5, 10, 15 and up to 20 plus years, but let’s get real – big promises don’t always stick around. Different products and how they’re applied matter. Location of the pavers and wear play a big part too. Pick a specialist who stands by their work and knows that time can wear down sealers. Your outdoor space deserves more than a quick fix; it needs a solution that lasts.

3. Sanding Joints & Weed Prevention:

Ah, the sweet promises of sand locking and weed prevention. But guess what? Nature has its say. Find out the truth – joint sand isn’t invincible, and weeds might still pop up. Even with careful sanding, time takes its toll. It’s about knowing that basic upkeep is the secret sauce. Your outdoor spot deserves care that goes beyond the surface.

4. Mold and Algae Prevention:

In the world of mold and algae prevention, words can get tricky. Look past the claims to understand what the coating really does. It’s not magic; it’s more like a shield against mold getting into your stones and staining them. Sealer also assists in cleaning mold and mildew off more easily. Knowing this helps you make choices that keep your outdoor space both good-looking and practical.

5. Maintenance Misconceptions:

Now, let’s untangle the web of maintenance promises. Don’t be fooled by big talk; read the details. Maintenance plans are often sold separately, and warranties might have strict rules – like needing a yearly cleaning. More than just words, these rules shape what comes next. Knowledge is your tool; use it smartly. The choices you make now set the stage for a beautiful and protected outdoor paver space.

Paver Sealing Claims & Dubious Promises

As we wade through the world of paver sealing claims, one thing’s clear – the truth is in the details. Among promises of forever happiness and foolproof warranties, reality finds its place in the middle. While these services do protect your hardscape, the words used can be a bit of a trick. Peel back the jargon and approach paver sealing with clear eyes. It’s not just about words on paper; it’s about real expectations, keeping your outdoor space both good-looking and lasting. The journey continues, and you’ve got the map.

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