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Epperson Ranch Travertine Sealing

Travertine Sealing in Florida

Travertine & Natural Stone Sealing

When it comes to Travertine, there are many sealant options on the market.  Most companies that specialize in sealing pavers and travertine only offer one, because they use only what is easy to apply and what’s familiar to them.

What is the best sealer for natural stones?  Sealant manufacturers recommend different products that are designed specifically for travertine and other natural stones. Customer’s personal preferences and needs also play a large role in the decision of what to protect the stones with.

travertine enhancer

If you have a travertine or a natural stone hardscape, you need to protect your investment.  One of the best ways to enhance the beauty and protect the integrity of your hardscapes is to have them professionally sealed and routinely cleaned.

We use only the very best products available so you can be certain of the best results. Below, we will look at sealants designed here in Florida, with our subtropical climate in mind.


Urethane based sealers are the most common product used on travertine in Florida and is an excellent product that has several applications. It is especially well suited for sealing concrete pavers. When applied to concrete pavers, Ure-Seal is a Penetrating Sealer that soaks into the porous concrete paver stone, enhancing the colors and sheen, while protecting the stones from U.V Rays etc.

Concrete pavers sealed with Ure-Seal, still allows for the “breathability” of moisture to escape through capillary action and evaporate without getting trapped by a film forming sealer. This trapped moisture is what causes pavers to have hazy, milky blemishes across the surface. Results of the product being applied improperly.

travertine with urethane sealer
brown marbled travertine urethane gloss

On some natural stones, Ure-Seal can cause similar issues at times since it forms a film-like sealer on these stones. 

Travertine, Natural Stones and Clay Brick Hardscapes are not the same type of stones as Concrete Brick Paver Systems. Several Factors such as the density of natural stones compared to concrete pavers, and the way in which Ure-Seal forms its bond to a concrete brick paver, versus travertine, will play a vital part in determining which product is right for your hardscape.

When it is applied to travertine and natural stones it becomes a surface sealer. When Ure-Seal is used on travertine, instead of the sealer soaking into the pores, like it does with pavers, Ure-Seal will sit on top of the dense travertine and form a film-like surface layer coating.

What’s The Problem With Film-Forming Sealer On Travertine?

Several issues arise when a film forming sealer is used in the wrong application. With travertine, imagine how easy paint will chip off a smooth surface such as scraping paint off a piece of glass. That is similar to the bond Ure-Seal provides on travertine applications.

Travertine Sealed with Ure-Seal Gloss

Why some customers do not choose Ure-Seal for their travertine pool deck:

This film forming sealer means instead of the sealer soaking in, it sits on top and creates a film that will need added texture to reduce slipperiness, wear down, show scratching and potentially flake off the surface over time. Depending on many variables such as traffic and other weathering factors the length of time before additional maintenance is required will vary. Some customers want a natural look to their stones that Ure-Seal cannot provide. Some want their stones to look like the showroom stone (Stone Show Invisible) and others do not want the high shine, but do like the color enhancement (Stone Show Enhancer).

Why some customers want Ure-Seal on their travertine pool deck:

There are great advantages to using Ure-Seal on Travertine. The film forming sealer give travertine a high glossy shine and deep enhancement to the colors. A fine broadcast texture is added to the top coat to reduce the slipperiness the sealer creates. Ure-Seal also has the ability to help “lock in” sand when the joints are not tight and customers are looking for them to be sanded.

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Stone Show: Travertine Sealing

Stone Show is designed for your Natural stones.

Whether you’re looking for a completely natural look or just a bit of enhancement to the colors of your travertine hardscapes, Stone Show is usually the best option for Protecting Natural Stones and here’s why.

Stone Show will protect the integrity of your stones by repelling moisture as well as offering superior stain protection from mold and algae as well as oils grease rust and other blemishes.

With Stone Show, we properly treat all travertine surfaces with commercial etching chemicals and mold removers before pressure washing every inch of the travertine stones. This process opens up the profile of the stone allowing the pores to absorb even more sealer. Meaning once we apply Stone Show to your deck, the sealed stone will be slightly less slippery than the unsealed, bare stones are wet. Without the need for a fake grip that can wear down quicker than expected.

Ultimately, Stone Show is the Premium Choice for Sealing New Travertine in Tampa, the Nature Coast, Central Florida and South Florida.

However, if you are looking for a high shine or natural look with rich enhancement of color and you need sand held in the joints then Ure-Seal is a great option as well.  We add a micro-grip texture to the top coat to reduce the slipperiness. (Do not use Ure-Seal on smooth marble. It is not designed for marble and will peel, requiring stripping to completely remove it.)

Stone Show is only available for unsealed travertine and natural stones or stones that have been sealed with an “impregnating” sealer like Stone Show previously. 


Glossy Wet Look

before cleaned and sealed travertine brown and grey shades Before
Wet Look After

Stone Show


after invisible sealing travertine pavers Before
Natural Invisible After

Stone Show


unsealed travertine is bare natural stone Before
Wet Look After

Travertine Sealing Comparisons

Stone Show (Natural Stone Penetrating Sealer)

  • Most Premium Choice for New & Unsealed Natural Stone
  • Available in Invisible and Enhancer
  • Invisible keeps the Natural Bare Stone look
  • Enhancer gives Rich, Deepening of colors in stones, little to no sheen
  • Only available to New & Unsealed Natural Stones
  • Does Not Alter profile/ texture of Stones
  • Only sealer we use on smooth marble
  • Creates a Hydrophobic Barrier that repels water
  • Allows for breathability of ground moisture
  • No sand installed in joints
  • One day process, typically
  • More involved / difficult application and preparation.
  • (Expert Technicians Only!)
  • Eco Friendly, Low V.O.C.
  • Made in USA & Supports a Local Business in Lakeland, FL

Ure-Seal (Topical Sealer on Natural Stone)

  • Most common type of commercial sealer
  • Available in Natural, Mid Gloss and Gloss
  • Natural gives no to low shine while Enhancing colors
  • Gloss gives a High Shine & Enhances the colors (wet look)
  • Only option if already sealed with a similar product
  • Grip texture must be generously applied to prevent slipping
  • Surface Sealer (Will peel on smooth marble)
  • Reduces breathability of ground moisture
  • Sand is sealed into joints
  • One Day Process / Less difficult application
  • Lower cost for sealing service
  • (Experienced Technician Needed)
  • Eco Friendly, Low V.O.C.
  • Made in USA & Supports a Local Business in Lakeland, FL

Has Your Travertine Already Been Sealed With a Topical Sealer?

Please Note: Travertine that has already been sealed with Ure-Seal or similar products is not eligible for Stone Show penetrating sealer because the surfaces will still have old sealer preventing absorption into the stone itself.

Therefore the best option is to seal your deck with Ure-Seal and add a generous application of micro grip to the finish coat of sealer.

NOT SURE IF ITS BEEN SEALED? Watch this video to identify whether or not your Travertine has already been sealed.

Travertine & Natural Stone Sealing Experts

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