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Paver Sealing

Enhance the Beauty
of your Home

Brick Paver Sealing on Driveway by Paver Seal Tampa

Are you looking for an Expert Brick Paver Cleaning And Sealing Company you can count on?

Is it time to rejuvenate the look of your driveway or pool patio pavers?

Are you being proactive in maintaining your new pavers?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions — you’re in luck.

At Paver Seal Tampa, we are experts when it comes to helping you boost your properties curb appeal — we’ll supercharge it. The difference is amazing.

The appearance of your home’s pavers and travertine surfaces play a critical role in your properties perceived market value.  

Don’t let Ugly, Faded Pavers Cut Into Your Sales Price…    

 Let Paver Seal Tampa Enhance Your Curb Appeal Value 1000%

We Take Pride In Every Job… When We’re Done You’ll Be Proud Too!

There is nothing better than pulling up on your freshly sealed, eye-popping driveway or enjoying the sunset at your backdoor paver oasis, knowing your investment is protected and will continue looking great for years to come.

At Pro Clean Tampa, we have years of experience in helping to restore your property’s pavers. We are an honest, hard-working team who make your satisfaction our top priority — you can read exactly what your neighbors are saying about us right here from our verified reviews!

If you would like to regain that eye-popping curb appeal for your home, get in touch with us using one of the buttons below:

Paver Seal Tampa Is Here To Help

Did You Know…   

Here in Florida Brick Pavers are Exposed to Heavy Weathering from Mother Nature???

Damaging rays from the sun and continuous exposure to water mold and other elements will destroy the natural beauty of your paver patios and driveways in no time!

Don’t Expose Your Investment      

Protect it with Paver Seal Tampa Professional Sealing Services

Harsh Sun.  Extreme Rain.    Insect Infestation.  Plant Life & Mold.

We Take Care of all sorts of Paver Sealing Projects. So if you have brand new pavers to protect and seal or your stones could use a little rejuvenation, we can help you get great results.

Brick Paver Sealing on Pool Deck by Paver Seal Tampa

We make Pavers Pop!

Professional paver cleaning and sealing will renew and protect pavers.

We bring out the best in your hardscapes, enhancing their natural beauty and creating a barrier that protects against the sun, mold, oil, mildew, stains and weed growth, as well as providing sand stabilization at the same time! 

Paver Seal Tampa is The Best Choice for Brick Paver Sealing in The Tampa Bay Area.

 Serving Pasco County, Hillsborough County, Citrus County, Sarasota County, Manatee County and Hernando County Florida Polk County (all surrounding areas) (Commercial Service All Florida)

What Are The Benefits Of Paver Sealing?

If you are wondering what the benefits of sealing your pavers are….   

You’re not alone!

Many people ask why they need to take care of sealing pavers in the first place! 

Here are the top five reasons to have your pavers sealed professionally:

Brick Paver sealing and Color Enhancement on Pool Deck by Paver Seal Tampa

Top 5 Reasons Your Pavers
Should Be Sealed:

1. Sealed brick pavers resist staining better by preventing stains from penetrating into the pores of the stone (grease, oils & rust)

2. Instant Curb Appeal: Add 10% market value with “Eye Popping    Appeal”

3. U.V. Protection: Keep the Rich Colors of your pavers from fading in the sun.

4. Protects against weed growth, insect intrusion and mildew.

5. Structural Integrity: Sealing sand into the joints stabilizes the paver system.

Why Is Paver Seal Tampa
The Best Choice When Results Matter?

There are so many options available on the market today. It can get confusing when it comes to all the different types of sealers on the market and the companies that claim to be professionals offering paver cleaning and sealing services.

When getting the best results matters, it’s important you hire a company that stands behind every job and has the experience, expertise and equipment to properly handle every project, every time.

Understand this is not a job to let your local handyman attempt. The Jack of All Trades and the do it yourself homeowner are not qualified to guarantee excellent results. 

There is so much nuance to doing the job 100% on top of the fact that “Messing Up” can cost thousands of dollars to “Fix”. 

What seems like a straightforward maintenance project can end up costing many thousands more than necessary. When untrained, inexperienced individuals watch a few youtube videos and fire up the old power washer….    Look Out!

Don’t Get Sealed By That Guy!

Many competitors do not have the experience or proper equipment, let alone the training and knowledge to handle each type of project we face.

No need to worry, let Paver Seal Tampa handle the job and you can be certain it will look fantastic.

Brick Paver Sealing and Color Enhancement by Paver Seal Tampa
We Put Our Name On Every Job


We put our name on the barricade tape we use across every driveway we seal. 

We are confident your neighbors will want to know who helped your pavers look so good! 

We Do It Right The First Time

Every technician has extensive training and certifications to be able to knowledgeably handle every situation and guarantee the best results with your paver sealing project.

At Paver Seal Tampa, we utilize the very best commercial equipment and industrial products to ensure your project runs smoothly and comes out fantastic every time.

PLUS we take pride in each job and encourage our techs to go the extra mile every job, every time!

Paver Sealing on Pool Deck by Paver Seal Tampa
How Long Does Paver Sealing Take?
Paver Sealing with Ure-Seal is a one day process! Typically cleaning, re-sanding and sealing (Three Coats) can be completed in one day.
Is There A Warranty?

Absolutely! Every Job is covered with a 3 year warranty. (Ure-Seal Only) Read the warranty here.


Our quotes are custom crafted by knowledgeable paver sealing experts utilizing Highly Accurate satellite imagery, public records & photos and info you submit.

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99% of all quotes can be performed without needing to measure in person. We look forward to helping you Get The Best Results.